Get Fishy! 4 Chic Ways to Incorporate Fishnets Into Your Look

Want a quick way to give your look some edge? Try taking those fishnets you’ve tucked away out of your drawer. The erotic and “suggestive” hosiery has been around for decades and has made it’s way back into mainstream fashion once again. Accenting my outfits with this grid-like nylon is one of my favorite ways to add some punch and a hint of sex appeal to an otherwise regular get-up. In case you are wondering how you can find a way to use those fishnets you thought were only for the bedroom, I’ve laid out 4 chic ways to include the netted stocking into your everyday look.

 Sock It To Me

Don’t feel like wearing tights but still want to add a unique element to complete your outfit? Try accenting your footwear with fishnet socks. The cool thing about this option is the versatility. If you are feeling funky and laid back, you can pair these socks with platform sandals or have them peek through your loafers. And for those times when you are feeling a bit classy, opt for a pump to showcase your webbed socks.

Tights Out! 

Layering under ripped jeans is probably the most popular way to wear fishnets and takes slashed denim to a new level. With skin still exposed, pairing your shredded jeans with this nylon or even lace makes this a little risqué without crossing the line.

Top It Off

We have Madonna to thank for this style. Rocking a netted top might not be for everyone, but for those who like to take fashion risks, have fun with it. Layer a bold bralette underneath, wear a slip dress on top or don a vest to create some visual interest.

Glove Love


Rings aren’t the only way to accessorize your hands.  Rocking fishnet gloves are a subtle yet, edgy way to make a fashion statement. Fingerless or full coverage, fishnet gloves can go for both day and nighttime looks.  I guess we could thank Madonna for this look as well.



Whether you opt for netting with large rips, small holes or accented with embroidery, fishnets are versatile and fun. How do you like to wear your fishnets? Tell us below.

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