Every End Is A New Beginning

Beginnings are all around as we transition into a new month and a new season. We have been granted another opportunity to get closer to the destiny predesigned for us. It feels like the first two months of the year have been the “ramp up”. Those goals or resolutions set as 2017 rolled in felt a little out of arms reach in January and February, making a lot of people feel “unsuccessful” for lack of a better word.  As I fashionably strut through my journey to success, I’ve learned an essential lesson along the way – don’t force or stress over anything. 

Photo: @dlcorevisuals| Sweater:The Candy Shop | Bag:What’s Your Accent |Earrings: Foyer Vintage| Crop top and leggings: American Apparel

Yes it is indeed easier said than done, but as I’ve been becoming more aligned with myself and God, I’ve noticed how the universe ALWAYS conspires to work in your favor and ALWAYS has the right timing. There are times when we have all pushed for something we want to happen but no matter how much effort we sow into our desires, for some reason we do not reap the results. That’s God, The Universe or whatever you believe in, telling you now is not the time. You will know the time is right when everything seamlessly anf effortlessly clicks into place. I want to remind and reassure you all to continue to put your goals and dreams out into the universe and you will always be in awe as you watch the magic that happens. 

Photo: @foxfire1 @portraitsonprince

This month on Vicrina En Vogue I have two MAJOR beginnings that I’m ecstatic to share with you all. The first is the website will finally be getting a much needed makeover. There will be a brief shutdown but I promise you it will be worth the wait as the site will be bigger and better. 

The second new beginning is that I will officially blogging for The Fashion Addicts. I am so excited and honored to be collaborating with these two fabulous fashionistas. Make sure you stay posted to get your fashion fix! 

I wish you all a successful and fashionable March. Let’s #f@!kupsomegoals !

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