What does “En Vogue” Mean Anyway?

It’s the question I get all the time without fail. The moment after someone sees my business card or hears the name of my brand and suddenly realizes they have no idea what “En Vogue” really means. It’s hilarious to watch the gears slowly come to a halt and the confused look gradually takes over their faces. All the years of passing the coveted, glossy magazine in the checkout line or hearing the harmonious sounds of four women on the radio, no one ever thought to think about what these words actually mean. (Shaking my head and grinning) It’s ok because not only am I here to be your fashion guide, I’m here to expand your vocabulary.

Vogue {vohg}
– noun

1. Something in fashion, as at a particular time: Short hairdos were the Vogue in the twenties.
2. Popular currency, acceptance, or favor; popularity: The book is having great Vogue.

Vicrina En Vogue {Vic-Cree-nah in Vohg}

The it-girl that puts you on to what’s hot now and redefines the standards of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

With every perfectly polished look, hot sound, or even thought provoking rhetoric, we all are contributing and changing what is en vogue. It’s a never ending cycle and recycling of ideas that always aims to shake things up and move in new directions. Semantics aside, you have the power to dictate what’s now with your effortless style and thoughts. YOU ARE VOGUE! Now go out into the world with your expanded vocabulary and just be your poppin’, amazing selves. You’ve just been vogued!